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BPSSA KS2 Athletics

On Monday (25th June 2018) SJS participated in the BPSSA Athletics competition which was held at Witton Park athletics track. 32 primary schools from the borough were invited to compete in this year’s competition. All the 17 pupils involved in our team were amazing, giving 100% effort in their particular event. We did have two boys who were outstanding in their track event. Jeremiah Wilson cruised into the final of the year 4 60m sprint race by coming first however; he was beaten by a nose into second place in the final (two years in a row he’s picked up the silver medal, Gold in year 5 maybe). David Bowlin sneaked into the final of the year 5 80m sprint race by coming second in his heat. David then ran a fantastic race in the final and he snatched second place, picking up the silver medal. GREAT EFFORT BOYS!! And well done to everyone who took part. Thank you to their parents for their support on the night and to Mr Baker, Miss Ireland, Mr Quinn and Miss Shakespeare for managing the team on the night. Team: Eoghan Farrington, Oskar Czubaszek, Kyle Davies, Deona Southworth, Jeremiah Wilson, Miley Orange, Jessie Cox, Emmie Lovett-Casson, David Bowlin, Zak Linley, Gabriele Lisauskaite, Eli Farrington, Kaydi Halshaw, Kenzi Halshaw, Amber Faller, Aimy Davenport, Zhozefin stefakova & Dylan Simpson.

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