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Cross Country

11 children have participated in three rounds of cross country this year. The cross country takes place on QEGS playing fields often in cold and muddy weather! The children first competed in October and the final two rounds were held in the last two weeks.


On every performance the children have improved their positions and fitness and by the last match have really started to enjoy themselves. All children listened carefully to advice to help improve their own performance and spent quite a few of their lunchtimes practicing for the event.


I am really proud of the children as this is an individual race that is much harder than it looks and they continued to compete and push themselves!


A special well done goes out to Geoff Holmes who tried his best to improve each race, he finished 5th in the first round, 2nd in the 2nd round and a after a fantastic race finished 1st in the final round. Meaning overall he came 2nd with a lovely silver medal! Really good job Geoff and well done to all the team!