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On Tuesday (21st November 2017), SJS entered a team in the Year 3/4 dodgeball festival event at St Bede’s High School. This was a non-competitive event which SJS had the chance to play against 8 different schools for fun. They played in a very sporting manner and represented the school very well. Team: Liam Allan, Deona Southworth, Llessie Southworth, Oskar Czubaszek, Eoghan Farrington and Jessie Cox

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On Tuesday (28 November 2017) some of our children attended a year 5/6 dodgeball festival at St Bede’s High School. The team played a number of games against other schools in a non-competitive environment, making the emphasis on fun and development skills. The children who represented the school enjoyed themselves and represented the school in a great manner. Team: Amber Faller, Dylan Simpson, Kaydi Halshaw, Kenzie Halshaw, Libby Lancaster and David Bowlin