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English Challenge

As a group, we have been looking at a story telling scheme called "Narrative Therapy". This would be difficult for your child to continue whilst in self-isolation. 

Therefore, the daily english task for your child is to write a diary entry for their time at home. (Your child has been sent a diary home to work in)

Your child's diary entry needs to be completed EVERY DAY.  I recommend working for twenty minutes or about a paragraph of work.  Try to include the following:-


1.  Keep it neat, using finger spaces, clear handwriting and working slowly.

2. The full date

3. Capital letters

4. Full stops, question marks or exclamation marks

5. At least one sentence using a conjunction, eg. "because", "when", "but", "so", "if", "after" and "before".

6. Examples of sentence starters are:

  • My favourite thing about today was...
  • Something I didn't like today was...
  • This morning/afternoon I enjoyed doing...
  • When/why/how come/what if...?
  • If I could have one magic wish today, I would wish for...
  • I am feeling...?...because...
  • Describe facts about your day.  Try to include when, where, who, a problem yes, the solution no, things said and any happy ending.

7. Don't forget to sign your diary entry off at the end!


I look forward to reading your work and giving rewards to those of you that have impressed me!


Miss Wainwright