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History Week 5 Children Working in the Cotton Mills

History Week 2 Victorian Children at Work

Week 4 London 


Watch the video clip. 

Now split your page in half and write London in one half and Blackburn in the other.

London Blackburn
travel by bus, tube, train, car, taxi, bike, walk travel by bus, train, walk, car, taxi, bike
London Eye  Blackburn Cathedral 
very busy, lots of tourist    
Buckingham Palace   

Make a list of all the things you find in London and all the things you find in Blackburn. How are the 2 places similar and different?

Use the video to help you. I have started off the table for you. Can you continue it with your own ideas?


Carry out some research on a famous London landmark. Use this information to produce an information booklet about your landmark. 

Look through the pictures below to help you decide which one you'd like to do.

If you want to produce your leaflet on Purple Mash, I have added one in the 2 do section.