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Interschool Competitions

Year 4 Cricket Tournament! 


The Year 4's took part in a cricket tournament in their house teams over 2 afternoons. The winning house from each class played each in a grand final. 

The winning teams from both classes were Neptune with 4G's Neptune winning overall. 


As a treat and to encourage participation in competitive sport the winning team as well as 8 others who showed great sportsmanship throughout the tournament were taken to Old Trafford Cricket Ground to watch Lancashire play Yorkshire. As well as watching the game there were lots of fun activities they could take part in. The children finished off the day with an ice cream in the sun! 



Year 3 Football Tournament!


Following on from the Year 4 tournament, the year 3's took part in a football tournament. Again this was to encourage competitive spirit in school by competing against their house teams. 

The winning house was Mercury! 


As a treat for winning and good sportsmanship the children are having a tour of Blackburn Rovers and a game of football in their training arena next week. 

Year 5 Hockey Tournament 


To be held in June 

Year 6 Athletics Tournament 


To be held in July