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Sportshall Athletics

On the same day as our football tournament at Rovers, 18 boys and girls attended the Sportshall Athletics match at Pleckgate High School. This is one of our favourite events and it always has a great atmosphere. When we arrived we realised we was against our biggest rivals and the children ran their socks off to beat them in everything they could. The results were so close but they just managed to beat us by 16 points.
However, due to the close results both teams were put through to the finals!

The following week we attended the finals at Darwen Vale High School. The children were very excited and again did everything they could to win their events. We had a couple of slips and trips but in true Shadsworth style the children got up and carried on.

It was the closest final I have ever been to in this event and there were only a few points between each school. We managed to finish 5th which was a great result. The children should be incredibly proud of their achievements. (Both results can also be found on the website).