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Tag Rugby

On Wednesday 7th October, we went to a Tag Rugby Competition at Blackburn Rugby Club. We have only had a few weeks practice but after Health and Fitness week being focused on rugby last year we had lots of skills ready to use.


We played 3 games in the first round, our first was against Lammack and after a dodgy start we managed a draw which was great come back from our team!

Our second game was against St Barnabas which we started by winning 3-1, unfortunately we ended up drawing this game as well. Our final game was against St Thomas which we won!!


The children played really well and improved throughout every game. Unluckily for us we didn't manage to qualify to the next round which was a big disappoint as the children had played so well.

Good news is most of the team were only Year 5 so next year they need to watch out for us :)