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Wednesday 1st April


  • Green: Write a conversation between you and a family member or friend. Punctuate the speech correctly using inverted commas, punctuation inside the speech marks and use new speaker, new line. 
  • Yellow: Play 'Mark wants Chicken' on purple mash.
  • Red: Play 'Making lists' on purple mash.
  • Continue to read some of the Mary Anning story on purple mash and answer the multiple choice questions.



Yellow/Green: Watch the video below and complete the column subtractions.

Green: Try the challenge.

Red: Play hit the button and find doubles and halves to 10 (see link below).



Watch the video below about Spanish greetings and complete the worksheet ‘Los saludos’ in your Spanish pack. This pack can be found on the class self-isolation page. 

 Are you ready for a challenge? If you are, go to the worksheet ‘Los saludos (II)’ and give it a go!