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Week Beginning 01/06/2020

Hello Everyone,


Good morning, I hope that you have all had a lovely half term, and that you have all stayed safe and well.  The rules again have changed for this lock down, we are able to meet more people outside, but you still need to be very careful and take care!


Below I have set out the work for this week, if you are still completing the Talk 4 Writing booklets please keep at them, don't forget if you need any help with these please email the office at school and they will send this onto myself so I can help! 


The children are now based back within our own school building, and even though it has been lovely to use Our Lady and Saint Johns high school as a base for a number of weeks, it will be fantastic to get back to our own school.


I hope that you enjoy the work and stay safe, don't forget to keep in contact and send me your work! Stay safe everyone


Mrs Haslam


This week for English I would like you to read, or listen to a book, I will pop some links below to the audio book that i would like you to listen to, and the Oxford Tree books, these are online books that you can read for free! it takes 2  minuets to sign up if you have not already done so.  Once you have read or listened to a story I would like you to write a book report about this book! I can't wait to see what books you have chosen to read!


Miss Greens Group


I would like you to listen to the story of The Little Red Hen, this is one of my favourite stories and I hope that you enjoy it, once you have listened to it I would like you to complete the book review, can you find a different story each day to listen to write a review each day? That would be great!

Mrs Haslam Group


I have put the link to the Oxford reading tree ebooks below, it is free to sign up.  I would like you to pick a Fairy Tale that is at your level and read it, once you have read this I would like you to fill out the book review below, how many tales can you read this week and how many reviews can you write? I can not wait to read them all.

Talk 4 Writing


Don't forget that there is also the radio blog every day that has parts of a story and activities for you to do, there is also a written blog with new ideas posted every day for things for you to do! I hope that you are enjoying both of these, I will pop the links below again! 


Below is the link for the maths games for this week, we are looking at mental maths this week, that is maths that you can do in your head, that you don't need to write out!


Miss Greens Group


I would like you to look at the two digit with carrying addition and subtraction, I would also like you to give the multiplication and the division trains a go! See how good you are! Test yourself!


Mrs Haslam group


I would like you to just look at the addition and the subtraction trains and focus on one more and one less, if you think that you can try harder questions give it a go!! I would love to hear how far up the train you can go!

This weeks maths baking challenge