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Week Beginning 04/05/2020

Good Morning All,


How are you all this week? I hope that you are all well and staying safe, House Haslam has been a busy one this week as we have had Alfie`s birthday. Have you guys had any birthdays in lock down? It was very strange not being able to out and have a party, but we had a good time anyway.


Below is the new work that I have set for this week. How did you find last weeks work? Are you still working your way through the Talk for Writing packs? As soon as I have some new ones to upload, I will put them on the website.


Take care and stay safe Mrs Haslam.



Below are 2 images, I would like you to pick an image and describe it for me, where is this image set? Is it something real or make believe? Who might you see if you were in this image? I have uploaded a few word mats to help you find better words to use.  You could either write you sentences or video yourself saying these. Don`t forget to send me the work into school so I can see what you have been doing! I cant wait to see what you come up with this week.



Below are some links to the maths games I would like you play this week.  This week we are going to be looking at subtraction. As with previous weeks, if you find it to hard, please try an easier level, if you find it to easy please try a harder level. I cant wait to hear about how hard you  have been trying with your work.

Flapjacks, for maths this week can you help to weigh and measure the ingredients for flapjacks and bake them with help from an adult.