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Week Beginning 11/05/2020

Hi Everyone,


How are you all this week? I hope that you have had a lovely weekend, and you are all staying safe.


There was some exciting news last night, we are now not limited to only one hour of outside exercise, we can have unlimited outdoor exercise, I hope that you all take advantage of this and get outside to play, just remember that you still need to be socially distant with people who are not in your house! 


The other exciting news is that school may be opening to some of you from 1st June it will be fantastic to see you all when we do open.


Take care and stay safe  Mrs Haslam



Below I have uploaded 2 pictures again, I would like you to look at the pictures, imagine the world where these pictures are, imagine the people who live there, what jobs could the people have in this place? 


Have a look first at the jobs power point, can you think of any more jobs? I want you to pretend that you are from the place that you have imagined from the images, you might live in a magical place, or a place in space, I want you to pretend that you need to hire a new person to come and work for you, what would their job roll be? What will they need to do? What are the good things about coming to work for you? Once you have all your ideas I would like you to fill out the job roll description sheet below, Miss Greens table, you can ask an adult to write for you, but I would like my table to do the writing yourself! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Mrs Haslam



Below are the links for the maths games that I would like you to try out, don't forget if they are to hard, go back a level, if they are to easy go forward a level.


I have also uploaded the recipe that I would like you to make this week! How did it go? I would love to see some pictures of it!