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This term in Maths, we are learning about place value and rounding.  We also will be learning about  formal multiplication. We continue to have a weekly times-table test every Friday morning, so please continue to practise your tables at home. Remember to use TT Rockstars.


In literacy we are reading the ‘The Wind in the Willows' and completing a range of writing tasks alongside it. The topic will also tie in with our study of rivers in Geography..


In Geography, we are learning all about rivers. We are locating rivers in the United Kingdom,

looking at how they have changed all the time, river use and how a river is formed. During this topic we will also be  going on a trip to Edisford Bridge.


We are lucky to still have Mr Wilson coming in every Tuesday this year to do music with our class; we will continue to learn how to play the ukulele, sing songs and carry out other various musical techniques.


In our computing lessons we are learning how to produce a PowerPoint which will be linked to our rivers topic. .


In PSHCE, we are learning about our bullying and differences.


On Thursday afternoons we go into the Art room to be taught by Mrs Barnes. During this time, we learn all about Religious Education (RE), Art and Design Technology (DT).

In RE we are learning about why do people believe in God.

In Art we looking at the painting.




We will be rewarded with ‘Shadsworth Money’ (small paper coins) which we can save up and spend on a Friday in the school ‘Shadsworth Shop’ on a wide range of prizes for various amounts.


Reading Books

Please can you try to encourage your child to read for at least five minutes each night. Reading bags should be brought into school each day so that they have an opportunity to be listened to in class.


PE is every Monday, so please make sure your child has a full kit.

Homework will be given out every Thursday and is to be handed in by Wednesday the following week.

Please visit our class page for weekly updates, resources and online links to help your child with their learning.


Edisford Bridge Trip

Edisford Bridge Trip 1
Edisford Bridge Trip 2
Edisford Bridge Trip 3
Edisford Bridge Trip 4
Edisford Bridge Trip 5
Edisford Bridge Trip 6
We had lots of fun yesterday learning about the digestive system. We attempted to make some poo!! It was very messy. We learnt all about how our food travels from our mouth through our bodies.

The Digestive System.