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Class 6H

Hello, we are 6H! Welcome to our class page.

We have just started our Year 6 journey which we are hoping will be very successful. We intend to work very hard in all our subjects. 


We have already decided on our 3 class charters. They are:

Article 12 - We have a right to express our feelings.

Article 16 - We have a right to privacy.

Article 28 - We all have a right to be educated.


Our 2 school councillors have been selected through a democratic vote and the selected pupils are Keira Dearnley and Ella Simpson as have our prefects. The selected pupils are: Macey Whittle, Chris Samson, Sophie O'Dea, Lucas Boyle, Dheen Hussain, Miley Orange and Paige Bishop.


This  term we will be studying the following topics this term.


In Maths:

We are covering the following aspects of number: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios

In English:

We are studying Pig Heart Boy which is a story about a boy's need for a heart transplant . However, he will receive the heart from a pig. We will be undertaking narrative and non-writing based on it. It is also linked to our Science topic.  

In Science:

We are studying The Circulatory System through: the heart, our pulse, blood  and the lungs.

In Topic:

We are studying The Vikings and their life-style and we will link it to a story called The Saga of Erik The Viking.

In Computing:

We are developing our ability to code through 2code on Purple Mash.


We are using Job Junction to study careers and have a careers afternoon talking to different occupations.

In PE:

We are studying Invasion games and improving our ability to play in small sided games.

In Music:

We have visitors coming in to help improve our musical skills.

In Spanish:

We are learning all about the vocabulary associated with healthy lifestyles. 

In RE:

We are studying how different religions celebrate marriage.

In Art and Design:

We are studying Emotional Art.


P.E. is every Tuesday afternoon. therefore, please try to make sure your child has a suitable P.E. kit in school.

Reading books are changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.