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Class 6H

Monday 23rd November

Good morning everyone,


We hope you had a Good weekend even though you couldn't do anything exciting.



For today's Maths work, I would like Red group to try Q1-Q7. For Yellow Group, try Q10 - 21then the explore if you're up for a challenge. For Green Group, try Q14 - Q24 then the challenge at the bottom. The work today is all about patterns within answers based around odd and even numbers. Please don't worry if you can't complete them all in time just try your best!


I will post the Maths answers every afternoon at approximately 2.30 p.m. 


I hope your journalistic writing is coming along. Please keep going with it as it will help you when we write at school. Well done if you completed or at least had a try at The Lady With The Lamp comprehension. Try this week's comprehension. Always remember when answering questions to use evidence from the text.


I will schedule a Zoom meeting for Tuesday at pm and send out all the information tomorrow morning. 

Keep smiling.smiley

Mr Hewitt, Miss Bolton and Mrs Toner.