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Mrs Barnes with one of her reading groups in the Oasis One room.

Reading Interventions

Some of our pupils attend Read Write Inc groups. These take place three times a week for 20-30 minutes each week. Some targeted pupils who need additional support with reading use 'Phonic Books' and work 1:1 with a SSA on a daily basis together with daily practise of phonics speed sounds.


Speech Bubble

Aimie Wormald is a Speech Therapist who works in school every Monday. She provides support for a wide variety of speech and language related areas. Aimie will often carry out her own assessments of pupils to determine how she might be able to provide support or she may have pupils referred to her by the class teacher. Some of her groups provide support to improve confidence or social skills. Other groups are working on increasing vocabulary, memory strategies or skills needed for story telling.


Motor Skill Groups

Children with gross motor skill difficulties attend Body Awareness groups with Mr Baker during the morning in addition to PE lessons. These sessions last for half an hour once or twice each week. Children experiencing difficulties with fine motor skills may access a Clever Fingers group that is run by their class SSA. Miss Makin also runs a Thai Chi Club one morning a week before school and works with targeted pupils for Sensory Integration work.


Oasis Room

Our Oasis Rooms are used by staff to provide a nurturing environment. They also provide additional opportunities  for pupils who need support with making friends, social skill development and speaking and listening. Oasis Room 1 is used by an outside agency to provide 'Play Therapy' sessions. Mr Mooney (Pupil Well Being Co-Ordinator) uses the room for his weekly after school club - 'Shooting Stars' for Year 3 pupils. Oasis Room 1 is aimed at pupils in Year 3 and Year 4 whilst our Oasis Room Upper is aimed at Pupils in Year 5 and Year 6. This means we can address the differing needs as the pupils get older and the support and interventions can be adapted accordingly. During the afternoons Miss Wainwright works in Oasis 2 with small groups of Year 3, 4 and 5 pupils during for: Speech and language, Guided Talking, motor skills, Clever Fingers, handwriting and Drawing and Talking.


Forest Room

This is managed by Mrs Parkinson (SENCo) who works closely with 3 SSAs to provide additional support for small groups of pupils for Reading, English and Maths each morning.

Pupils learning alphabet skills in Oasis Two

Early morning Cosmic Kids yoga in Oasis Two

Year 5 maths intervention group in Oasis Two

Telling a story using story cards