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Our Values

Shadsworth Junior School Values

Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow


As a school we value the opinions of our families.

After consultation, our families and pupils feel these are the most important for us to embrace and encourage:



Respect and Friendship

We begin the academic year with an emphasis on social skills and building friendships. This are supported by Friendships days  where we twin with another school as part of the

Linking Schools Project. 

Diversity is respected  an understood as children participate together in a  range of subjects and activities. We model and encourage all children to show respect and empathy towards one another. We hope this will help them build positive relationships with a wide range of people. 



Achievement and Fun

Our Curriculum develops knowledge and skills through an exciting, creative and broad curriculum. We aim to foster a love of learning and an enjoyment for all things new which they can also take with them into the future. We aim for our pupils to be happy, confident, independent and resilient so they can achieve in all areas of their life.



Responsibility and Adventure

Through our curriculum, school visits and extra curricular activities allow our pupils to experience more of the world around them. It allows them opportunities to develop their skills and become responsible citizens. We aim for all pupils to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others through different roles, activities and challenges whilst promoting team work.