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Chester Dewa Trip

What a fantastic day we have had!

Travelling back in time to over 2000 years ago to Roman Britainnia. We sailed a Roman Galley with Grapus the Oars Master!

We had lots of fun visiting the reconstructed barracks, bathhouse, granary, taverna, and market stalls. 

In the afternoon, we marched through Chester chanting and carrying our Roman shields.

In the Roman Gardens, we created Roman military Testudo, Triple Line and the Wedge formations. 

We had lots of laughs watching Mrs Coe fighting like a gladiator!

     First Aid Training     


We have enjoyed learning about first aid.  In our workshop, we were taught how to apply first aid to bumps, burns, breaks and bleeding. We also learned how to carry out CPR and how to help someone who may be choking.  At the end of our lesson, we received a certificate for completing our mini first aid course which lasted 2 hours. 



We have enjoyed reading a variety of different maps at different scales in our school Atlas books. We are learning which maps show physical, political or thematic information.

Atlas Skills - Locating The European Countries