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Don't forget to do your daily check-in!

Why not use this every morning to get your mind ready for the day? 

Sometimes we might feel like we just dont want to do anything, but to help us keep busy and motivated, try talking about these questions with an adult.


My goal for today:

  • what is your goal today? perhaps its to try really hard on your schoolwork, to try something new, to get creative or to get along with your siblings ALL day! Its good to set a goal so our brain knows what we need to get done today. 


To keep myself on task I will:

  • Try to think of something that you would like, a treat or some time to play on your games console, to play outside or try a new board game or maybe a sweet treat. Having something to look forward to after a job will keep your brain focussed on finishing your job because you know something you like will happen afterwards!


Is there anything you want me to know?:

  • Use this question to talk about your thoughts, perhaps you're missing your friends at school, you're excited to try a new game or maybe talk about your worries.


How are you feeling today?:

  • Use the emotions underneath to describe how you are feeling today. Its always good to know how you are feeling so what we can be mindful about how that might make us talk and act to others. 


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