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Interactive Games

There are games online that can help you to understand your emotions!


1. Life-Skills - Emotions. 

This interactive picture allows you to click on the people and read more about how they may be feeling. Learn about emotions, positive emotions, negative emotions, dealing with your emotions. Click here to have a look! 


2. Quote Bloom.

Quote bloom allows you to pick all the quotes from the blossom tree and have a read of them. Think about what this quote may mean and how this can be used in your life. Some of them may sound odd, but get creative with what they might mean! Write down your ideas and save them for when you come back to school, we would love to see your ideas! Click here to give it a go!




3. Thinkuknow

Thinkiknow has games for each age group themed on social media. Pick your player and help them safely manage online spaces, e-mail and internet searches as well as talks about privacy and personal information. This is a good one! Click here to give it a go.