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Who's Who

Shadsworth Junior School Staff 

Leadership Team:


Headteacher Mrs Hetherington                      
Deputy Headteacher (Acting) Mr Hewitt
Assistant Headteacher (Acting) Mrs West
Assistant Headteacher and SENCo Mrs Parkinson


Teaching Staff and Support Staff:


Teacher: Class Name: Support Staff:
Mrs West 3W Mrs Wright 
Mrs Wilkinson 3VW Mrs Bowker
Mrs Gaines 4G Miss Lomas
Mrs Blower 4B Mrs Mahmood
Mr Warren 5W Mrs Smith
Mr Bassnett 5B Mrs Bolton
Mr Hewitt 6H Mrs Hussain
Miss Banks 6B Mrs Poole
Art Room PPA Mrs Joyce


Additional SEND Support Staff:


Mrs Southworth SEND 1:1 Support Year 4 and Year 5
Mrs Makin SEND 1:1 Support Through School



Pastoral and Educational Support: 


Pupil Wellbeing Co-ordinator Mr Mooney                                  
Forest Room SEND Provision

Mrs Green

Mrs Haslam

Mrs Miah

Oasis Nurture Room One

Rapid Response Year 3 and Year 4

Rapid Response Year 5 and Year 6

Mrs Barnes

Mrs Bolton

Miss Norris

Oasis Nurture Room Two

Mrs Wainwright

HLTA, EAL Support

Catch Up Programmes

Mr King
Health and Fitness / Sports Coach Mr Baker
Media Hub Mr Mills
Reading Room

Mrs Barnes 

Mrs Joyce

HLTA Class Cover

SEND Assessments

Mrs Toner



Office Staff and Premises Staff:


Mrs Murphy Office Manager            
Miss Breckell Office Administration Assistant
Mr Holdsworth Site Supervisor