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Class 3W

Welcome to 3W!


Happy New Year 3W! I am sorry that we aren't all able to be together this term but we can still keep learning together every day. We will also see each other twice a week on Zoom. I will send a text with the password on Mondays and Thursday for a meeting at 1pm. 


Each morning I will text you a code so that you can access the Learning By Questions website. On the plan overview you will see what the task is for each session. 


Some tasks are completed online and I can see your answers and how hard you have worked. Some may be completed offline on paper or it may be a practical task. 


Yellow and Green group will complete the first task in each box. 

If your child is in red group for some subjects I have contacted you separately and there is a slightly different task for them. 


Keep smiling and do your best- I will speak to you soon! 


Mrs West