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Class 3W

Hello 3W!


My name is Mrs West and our Teaching Assistant is called Miss Butterworth. We also have Miss Wilcock and Miss Farrington who support us at different times.


At the start of each term you will get a homework grid with lots of different activities to choose from. You don't have to do them all at once, you can choose when you complete the activities. We would like you to bring back your homework books in the last week of term so that we can see what you have done.  There will be rewards for the children who make an effort to complete their homework each term. You can also use them as a space for practising your spellings and timetables each week. 


If you want to do some additional learning at home, you have passwords for Purple Mash, Timetable Rockstars and Spelling Shed. You can do as much practise as you like on here and earn points and rewards as you go.


Home reading is extremely important. It is the best thing that you can do at home to help your learning! Please bring your reading book to school each day as there may be opportunities to read with an adult in school. We will change them at least twice a week, however if you are reading your books very quickly speak to Miss Butterworth and we can send an extra book home.


Our PE day is MONDAY. You will come to school in your uniform on your PE day. We will get changed in school. Please make sure that your PE Kit is in school each day. 


We are also very lucky that we have a Spanish teacher called Senorita Valero who comes each Wednesday. 


In English this half term we are writing an opening to a warning story called 'The Brook'. 


In Maths we will be working on multiplication, division and fractions.


In Geography we are learning about the North West Region, the counties, how we can travel through the North West and comparing towns and cities. 


In Science we will be learning about Rocks and Soils. We are learning about how natural rocks are formed, what the properties of rocks are, comparing them and learning about what they can be used for in real life situations. 


In Music we are learning about Ravi Shankar and using some of his techniques for our own composition. We will create a piece of music that uses a drone (a long continuous sound), a raga (an Indian scale) and improvisation with call and response. 


In PE we will be learning the skills we need for athletics.


Our topic in PSHE this term is Changing Me, we are thinking about how we change as we grow from babies to adults, learning the correct name for body parts and thinking about keeping ourselves safe. We also think about stereotypes and how to avoid gender stereotyping. 


We are really looking forward to the term ahead!