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ELSA Support - Doodle a day

- Doodling is so relaxing and therapeutic and everyone should do it!

Children are asked to fill in a doodle each day. This could be a pattern or a picture. Download your free copy here:



- The mindful flip flop can be folded to make a little booklet that shows the calm face. When opened there are four sections of mindful colouring along with some calming words. This would be fab for ending sessions to have a moment of calm colouring. Download your free copy here:



- This mug full of happiness is a lovely activity for those last few days at school. Pupils are asked to think about all the things that make them feel warm inside like a cup of hot chocolate. They can decorate their mug and add drawings to the marshmallows of all the things that make them feel happy. Download your free copy here: